Brand: Avantone

Category: Studio Monitors

Avantone CLA-10A

Date August 1st, 2021 Published by

Active Nearfield Monitors Developed in collaboration with Chris Lord Alge 2-Way speaker: 18 cm woofer and 3.5 cm tweeter Frequency range: 60 – 20,000 Hz 104 DB SPL 200 W […]

Category: Headphones

Avantone Planar Black

Date January 1st, 2021 Published by

Headphones Featuring planar magnetic driver technology Open design Supra-aural 21 Micron PET diaphragms Size of the drivers: 70 x 95 mm Frequency response: 30 – 30,000 Hz Impedance: 32 Ohm […]

Category: Instrument Microphones

Avantone Kick

Date November 1st, 2020 Published by

Dynamic microphone Especially for miking the kick drum Polar pattern: Eight Frequency response: 50 – 2.000 Hz Classic white woofer (AV10-MLF) as sound transducer 10" shell made of birch plywood […]

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