Brand: Korg

Category: Accessories

Korg PC-2 Pitchclip

Date June 1st, 2020 Published by

Chromatic Clip Tuner Clear and perfectly readable LED display Clip with improved holding power and rubber coating to protect the paintwork Improved recognition accuracy in the bass range Three tempo […]

Category: Synthesizers

Korg Volca Nubass

Date September 1st, 2019 Published by

Analog Bass Synthesizer With tube oscillator and sub-oscillator Analog drive circuit with tube distortion Classic ladder filter design for typical acid sounds 16-Step sequencer with motion sequencing and pattern chain […]

Category: Synthesizers

Korg Volca Drum

Date February 1st, 2019 Published by

Digital Percussion Synthesizer 6 Drum parts with analog modeling synthesis Two sound layers per part Each layer consists of a fundamental waveform that excites a tunable resonator Internal step sequencer […]

Category: Synthesizers

Korg Volca Modular

Date February 1st, 2019 Published by

Semi-Modular Synthesiser Analogue sound generation modeled on the "West Coast Synthesis" Triangle VCO with FM modulator "Woggle" random generator Two low-pass gates Stereo reverb module Two separate function generators Splitter […]

Category: Mixing Desks for PA

Korg Volca Mix

Date May 1st, 2018 Published by

4-Channel Analogue Mixer for Korg Volca Series 2 x Mono channel and 1x stereo channel Channel controls: Lo / Hi Cut, Send Level, Mute, Volume (to gain +6 dB) 4-Channel […]

Category: Controllers

Korg nanoKEY Studio

Date September 1st, 2016 Published by

MIDI controller keyboard 25-keys with touch dynamics and backlight 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads 8 definable rotary controls XY Touch pad of the KAOSS series Octave + / – buttons XY […]

Category: Accessories

Korg Pitchblack Custom BK

Date July 1st, 2016 Published by

Tuner 3D Display Tone accuracy +/- 0.1 cent 436 / 445 Hz Vocal range: E0 (20.60 Hz) – C8 (4186 Hz) 4 Display modes True bypass DC output Operates with […]

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