Brand: Sela

Category: Percussion

Sela SE 099 Bass Cajon

Date May 1st, 2018 Published by


Sela Casela Pro Thomann Edition

Date October 1st, 2016 Published by

Category: Percussion

Sela SE 001 Snare Cajon Kit

Date February 1st, 2016 Published by

Snare Cajon Kit All tools and expendable materials are included (except a cordless drill) 11-layer 15 mm Birch body Sela "Thin Splash" Sapele wood veneer surface area Removable Snare heads […]

Category: Percussion

Sela SE 037 Cajon Quick Assembly

Date January 1st, 2016 Published by

Cajon Kit Quick and easy to build: Put together, screw, done! Individual finish with wax, oil or varnish Sturdy, 11-ply 15 mm birch body Solid, rounded corners made of beech […]

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