Brand: SPL

Category: Misc. Studio Gear

SPL Hermes All Black

Date December 1st, 2019 Published by

mastering router mastering router for eight 2-channel processors two parallel mix stages with switchable level correction creation, storage and comparison of processing chains fast comparison of up to four processing […]

Category: Preamps

SPL Goldmike 9844

Date April 1st, 2018 Published by

Category: Parametric Equalizers

SPL PassEQ black

Date March 1st, 2018 Published by

Passive Mastering EQ Two channels 19" 4U Colour: Black

Category: Audio Interfaces

SPL Crimson 3

Date September 1st, 2017 Published by

USB Audio Interface and Monitor Controller 24 Bit/ 192kHz AD/DA converter 2 Mic XLR inputs 2 Hi-Z 6.3 mm jack instrument inputs 4 Balanced 6.3 mm jack line inputs 2 […]

Category: Digital Converters

SPL Pro-Fi Director black

Date February 1st, 2017 Published by

DA converter and preamplifier With VOLTAiR technology Four digital inputs: USB, AES / EBU, coaxial, optical DAC: up to 384 kHz (PCM) and DSD2 (Double Rate, DSD128) Win driver Apple […]

Category: Misc. Studio Gear

SPL Pro-Fi Performer s800 black

Date February 1st, 2017 Published by

Stereo power amplifier Bi-polar transistor output stage with VOLTAiR 120 V technology Power: 2x 285 W at 4 ohms, 2x 185 W at 8 ohms (stereo mode), 450 W at […]

Category: Headphones and HP-Preamps

SPL Pro-Fi Phonitor x black

Date February 1st, 2017 Published by

Preamplifier / Monitor controller Suitable for all headphones with impedances from 10 ohms Balanced and unbalanced analogue inputs and outputs (XLR, RCA) Laterality: Extreme fine balance control Mono / Stereo […]

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