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Category: Studio Monitors

IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor

Date October 1st, 2016 Published by

Active two-way monitors With 3/4 "tweeter and 3" woofer / midrange driver with powerful bass reflex system Frequency response: 55 – 20,000 Hz (-3 dB) Separate Class D amplifiers for […]

Category: Drum Hardware

K&M 14036

Date August 1st, 2020 Published by

drummer’s throne with pneumatic spring upholstered seat with velvet cover height adjustment from an integrated pneumatic spring continuous height adjustment ranges from 495 to 680 mm three double-braced legs and […]

Category: Studio Monitors


Date November 1st, 2018 Published by

Active Near Field Monitor Equipment: 5" Woofer and 1" tweeter 2-Way class-D amplifier 82 watts – 41 watts woofer and 41 watts tweeter Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 49 – 20,000 […]

Category: Mixing Desks for PA

Soundcraft Ui24R

Date September 1st, 2017 Published by

24-Channel mixing console with integrated stage box and DSP Parallel multitrack recording to USB drive & DAW 20 Mic / Line inputs: 10x XLR, 10x 6.3 mm jack combo 2 […]

Category: Loudspeakers

Alto TS 312

Date May 1st, 2018 Published by

Active Full-range Loudspeaker Equipped with: 12"/ 1.5" Power: 1,000 W RMS/2,000 W peak Class D power amplifier Bi-Amp Frequency response: 46 – 22,000 Hz Maximum output level: 128 dB Dispersion […]

Category: Audio Interfaces

Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD

Date July 1st, 2020 Published by

USB Audio Interface 24 bits 192 kHz 2 Inputs and 4 outputs 2 combi-sleeves: XLR / 6.3 mm jack MIDAS-Design microphone preamplifier incl. 48 V phantom power supply Guitar input […]

Category: Virtual Instruments and Samplers

Native Instruments Maschine MK3 Black

Date May 1st, 2018 Published by

Groove Production Studio Consisting of pad controller and software sampler / sequencer